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For years, people have relied on tread depth to determine when to replace a tire. If the tread passes the ” penny test , ” they assume the tire still has life, regardless of how old it is, which can be a fatal mistake. Old tires are dangerous, regardless of tread depth. While there’s no federally sanctioned safety guidance on when a tire is too old to be safe, many carmakers recommend replacement at six years from the date of manufacture. When he was driving two weeks later, the tread suddenly separated from the tire. The Explorer went out of control and hit a motorcycle, killing its rider. An analysis of the used tire revealed that it was nearly 10 years old.

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DOT (Department Of Transportation) is a legal marking required in many countries in order to sell the tyres. DOT means the tires meet or exceed the Department.

By James Foxall. Do you know how old your tyres are? Probably not, judging by research from Kwikfit which suggests that only 17 per cent of drivers can assess the age of their rubber and then know when it’s time to change. You might not think it’s important but tyres’ performance actually deteriorates as they age. Roger Griggs from Kwikfit said: “Tyres contain anti-oxidising chemicals to slow the rate of ageing, but they need to be in use for these to be effective. Infrequent use or poor storage can accelerate the ageing process and make tyres unroadworthy.

Low mileage, older cars tend to be most at risk from premature ageing. The date your tyres were made will be on the sidewall in the form of four numbers usually preceded by the letters DOT. These numbers represent the week number and year, so will be week 34, Use that information to make sure you’re buying tyres with the longest shelf life possible.

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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to tires: Tire (North American) or tyre (British) – ring-shaped covering that fits around a.

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to tires:. Tire North American or tyre British — ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground. Firestone and Ford tire controversy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Overview of and topical guide to tires. Tires at Wikipedia’s sister projects. Wikipedia Outlines.

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Cheap Tyre Buying Guide. How much to change a tyre? Where can I buy tyres online? Where can I get tyre insurance? How much to get a tyre repaired?

The well known tyre brand came in with heaps of cycling nostalgia and tyre making expeierence dating back to , not only on two wheels.

Vredestein are a European tyre company based in Holland and they are one of the oldest tyre manufacturers in the world, with a history dating back more than years. Dedicated to tyre innovation, Vredestein use technology to develop and produce tyres which will enhance the performance of every vehicle. The Snowtrac 5 is an excellent winter tyre designed to deliver high levels of safety and comfort when temperatures drop. Constructed with a specially designed tread pattern which features a large number of snow sipes, the Snowtrac 5 grips to the road to deliver outstanding braking performance on ice and snow.

Ideal for high powered cars the Wintrac X Treme S provides maximum safety and enhanced performance in difficult winter weather conditions. Thanks to a specialist tread compound, this tyre retains stability at low temperatures resulting in superb handling and braking for high levels of safety in winter.

Designed to provide high levels of safety and performance all year round, the Quatrac 5 delivers excellent steering precision and superior handling capabilities. This tyre achieves superb safety in wet conditions thanks to its specialist tread design which works to efficiently drain water away from the tyre for enhanced aquaplaning resistance. In addition, the Quatrac 5 also provides an excellent acceleration and braking performance.

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Traditionally, used tyres have simply been thrown loose onto a truck but not only does this mean more space being occupied by fewer tyres, it also means reduced load efficiency. All of this means more truck journeys and corresponding increased fuel costs which, together, act as a barrier to tyre recycling — which is why tyre waste is such a huge global problem, with many countries hosting large tyre dumps dating back many years. Many countries, including the UK, Germany, Spain and France now recognise the value of truck tyres, in particular, as recyclable commodities and have well-established schemes designed to facilitate the recycling of these.

In addition, many developing countries are now in the process of developing such schemes as they too begin to realise the value that lies in old waste truck tyres. Essentially, the problem has always been that tyres, in all their various forms, are by their very nature, heavy and bulky.

Tyre Size. Tyre spec notation varies according to car model but primarily consists of symbols and numbers denoting tyre width, aspect ratio, diameter, load index.

A tyre factory dating back more than years is to axe jobs under plans to shift much of its production overseas to cut costs. Cooper Tire Europe CTE said it had begun a consultation about ceasing light vehicle tyre production at its factory in Melksham, Wiltshire, which employs people. Avon has been in Melksham since and boasts of its history supplying brands such as Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Land Rover in past years.

Its motorsport division, which still supplies race championships around the world, was part of Aston Martin’s victory in the world sports car championship in CTE said it would continue to make specialised motorsports and motorcycle tyres at Melksham but other tyres will now be made at “other sites within the broader global manufacturing footprint” of the wider Cooper group. The company said the move could see redundancies over a month period. Melksham would remain CTE’s headquarters and sales and marketing office.

It said the site in its present form was “not competitive within the Cooper global manufacturing network or the tyre industry at large”. CTE general manager Jaap van Wessum said: “We know the prospect of making positions redundant is difficult for our colleagues and the local community to consider.

The importance of tyre age as well as tread depth

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Cohen, Dated Coins of Antiquity ; RPC IV.3 (temporary number). AR Tetradrachm (30mm, g, 12h). Tyre mint. Dated SE (/1 BC).

Since the s, tyres have had a date stamp added to the sidewalls so that you can see how old they are. During the 80s it was a 3 digit code giving the week number and year of manufacture. So would equal week 21 in When we got to the 90s and in order to differentiate, they added a triangle to the 3 digits, so followed by a triangle would represent week 21 in It became much easier to remember from the year when a four digit code was used, so would represent week 21 in , see below means the 7th week of The service life of a tyre is usually measured by the amount of tread remaining; in the UK the legal limi t is 1.

But we should also be looking at the date code as oxidisation is also a serious concern, and since tyres are made of rubber they degrade with age. A large body of scientific evidence supports that most tyres should be replaced six years from the date they were manufactured. This six year expiration date begins from the day the tyre was made, not from the day it was sold and fitted to a vehicle.


Later on in the press conference, the two spoke to Autosport about their strategy in Q3. As it happened, the two drivers ventured out on the soft tyres for a flying lap. After that, they switched to a set of mediums, so the question surrounded the reason behind the swap. According to Hamilton, they made the decision as a team and realised that the medium tyres worked much better.

Read articles about Car Tyre, Buying New Tyres, Tyre Care, Wheel Alignment, Tyre Rotation, Safety Dating back, run flat tyres were originally developed for.

A market town within Berkshire 3 miles east of Newbury and 14 miles west of Reading, this quaint town is steeped in history. Records indicate evidence of habitation dating back to prehistoric times. It is clear that this charming location has evolved over the years to thrive through the bronze and iron age and survive Roman settlement, to then play a crucial part during WW2. In today’s age of evolution, it is vital that your vehicle is kept up to date using the latest technologies in car servicing , our MOT and major service provide assurances to our customers with aspects such as a free brake check that keeps your vehicle safe.

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A frequent question about tyre maintenance concerns service life. How long will your tyres last before they need replacing? The answer depends on various factors, such as your driving style, the tread design of the tyre, regional climate, road conditions and how frequently the car is in use. Another factor is you, the owner. Use the following guidelines to assess the point of maximum service life for your tyres.

Continental designs and makes its tyres to provide thousands of miles of excellent service.

Many trailers do very few kilometres each year, and so their tyres are at risk of aging to the point of danger. Here’s how to check them.

Name of Standard. C ommencement. This Standard commences on the day after it is registered. The function of this vehicle standard is to specify requirements for new pneumatic tyres for motor vehicles and trailers. This vehicle standard applies to new pneumatic tyres designed for vehicles in categories set out in clause 3. They may comply with this standard or continue to comply with earlier versions of this vehicle standard as applicable for particular vehicle categories.

Vehicle Category. Manufactured on or After. Acceptable Prior Rules. Moped 2 wheels. Not applicable. Moped 3 wheels.

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Do car tyres have an expiration date? Does the age of a tyre actually matter? These are the most common questions asked by car owners.

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Old tyres can be a ticking time-bomb that could dangerously fail and lose air. Bridgestone explains how. Tyres are made of various types of textile, steel and rubber compounds that have properties that evolve over time. As the rubber in a tyre gets older and is exposed to the elements, the strength of the bond between the rubber and the steel belts is reduced. When an old tyre is put under load, cracks in the rubber will begin to form. Eventually, the cracking can even cause the steel belts in the tread to separate from the rest of the tyre.

Driving on such a tyre is a serious safety risk.