What is… a Romance Scam? Don’t get fooled by Valentine’s Day fever!

We are gathering information about a scam using the HG. The email address used is ramonperezluc gmail. Consumer advocate site. The Ripoff Report forum allows consumers to speak out against companies, businesses, governments, and individuals who have treated them unfairly. Curious whether or not it’s a scam? Provides info and links regarding recent scams and helpful tips for recognizing and avoiding these schemes.

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This is of course just the tip of the iceberg: a lot of victims refrain to report having being romance-scammed due to embarrassment and emotional suffering. Prime targets are divorced ones, widow er s, elderly and disabled persons: all different types of people that may be more susceptible to fall into their trap. Scammers especially target older people since those may be less experienced on the Internet, and are often not as tech-savvy as younger ones.

Once they choose their victims, criminals will create fake yet highly believable profiles using stolen photos on the Internet, from modelling agencies, free stock image websites or already existing social media profiles. They can also simply steal a whole account content to impersonate someone, by creating a different yet very similar profile.

This usually affect trusting-profile people all over the world, especially military men and women, as well as any professional working in a foreign land.

Australian Government travel advice for Benin. around the world will provide you with up-to-date local advice and support throughout this difficult period. Scams and internet fraud are common in West African countries.

These fraud schemes pose dangers of both financial loss and physical harm. Typically, these scam operations begin with an unsolicited communication, usually by e-mail, Facebook, or WhatsApp from an individual who describes a situation that promises quick financial gain, often by assisting in the transfer of a large sum of money or valuables out of the country.

Common e-mail or Facebook scams also involve an individual claiming to be a U. More sophisticated scams include targeting U. In a variation of these Internet-based advance-fee schemes, individuals spoof or mimic official U. Department of State email addresses in an attempt to lend credibility to their fraudulent activities.

The U.

Operational alert: Laundering of the proceeds of romance fraud

Although most Canadians are aware of fraud attempts carried out by companies or individuals in foreign countries, many are still victimized and cheated out of merchandise, services and money. We have received reports that some Canadians may have received false or misleading messages that appear to be from Global Affairs Canada. Emails: If you receive a suspicious email, please verify the sender. Our messages to Canadians abroad are sent from either sos international.

ALERT – COVID – Do not travel overseas at this time. Due to the difficulty travellers are experiencing returning home, New Zealanders overseas need to take.

Most of the article is not about AFF per se, but it suggests involvement in it, and also references a modus operandi towards the end. The syndicate that consisted of 10 people is believed to have been operating from within Malaysia for as long as five years and may have targeted other high-value business transactions among foreigners. The Saudi Arabian didn’t even know he was talking to the syndicate.

He didn’t suspect anything. They then paid a Malaysian woman RM1, to register two shell companies with the Securities Commission and to open three bank accounts in the name of the companies. The Saudi Arabian businessman was then directed to wire the sum into these three accounts. He came here to lodge a police report with us on Dec 9,” Supt Mohd Roy said. The police traced the Malaysian woman who opened the bank accounts and arrested her and a Nigerian man at a bank branch in Sentul on Dec The police then raided condominiums in Cyberjaya and Sri Putramas, where they arrested nine other foreigners, effectively crippling the international syndicate.

The syndicate members included seven Nigerian men, two Nigerian women and a Filipino woman. The Malaysian woman was freed and would be a witness in the court case, the police said. They have been here between five and seven years, and may have been running several other scams at the same time,” he said.

E-mail Scam Alert

Been chatting with a lady and she now is trying to get me to send her money to get home. She claims she was robbed and beaten just before she was to leave for home and now can’t back. Geee, sounds like a scam to me. It’s not ONLY the ladies that are being scammed.

One variant of the scam may date back to the 18th or 19th centuries, as a very similar letter, entitled “The Letter from Jerusalem”, is.

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Guide to Scams

The amount of online dating scams have skyrocketed in the last decade; and they are getting more deceptive by the day. Online dating scammers almost always quickly fall in love and ask for money within weeks. In order to help you combat this, we have created a help guide that includes three of the most popular Republic of Benin dating scams.

A woman’s been conned out of £m in a series of dating scams. but said he was having a difficult time working on a project in Benin, Africa.

Next to Nigeria there are ” fraud” cells in nearly every country on earth. These days, about the only place on earth without cells is Antarctica – for now, anyway. Small loss In general these have fallen for one of the many quick scams, examples are: lottery fraud, the job- study place visa -offer, inheritance scam or the relief fund scam.

The total losses per victim vary between and dollar over a period of a couple of months to half a year. More recent victims were offered substantial low interest loan for which they have to pay all types of advance fees. The total losses per victim vary from to dollar over a period of a year to one and a half year.

High loss In general these victims enjoyed a high education and have been introduced to “the original Advance Fee Scam” which has evolved in the past 25 years to what it became now. The losses are not limited to the Advanced Fees which end up in the pockets of the scam organization. These variations of the scam have in a majority of the cases a fall out to all the other business and private connections of the victim who are unaware brought in to the scam by the innocent victim.

Very often the victim and his associates have to invest in: costly preparations – start up real production – pay real subcontractors – to facilitate ‘the business’ with the scammers and this leads to a snowball effect of damages which have included serious downsizing and bankruptcies of the companies involved. Damages are not limited to private persons or their enterprises, public companies just “feel a higher need” for hiding translating the consequences for their share holders.

The total losses per case, vary from thousand to 12 million dollar over a period of one and a half to 8 years or longer, but we are aware of cases with higher damages. Cases with damages between half a million and a million dollar are quite common.

Overseas fraud: an increasing threat to the safety of Canadians

Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel. They profess their love quickly.

Romance Scams. Online Imposters Break Hearts and Bank Accounts. Graphic Depicting Online Romance Scam (Stock).

Inside Africa. Facebook Twitter Email. CNN — From email scams to oil spills and charlatan Pentecostal preachers, it’s clear that Nigeria has something of an image problem. While the outside world’s perception of Africa’s most populous country hasn’t always been overwhelmingly positive, there’s plenty more to this nation than its unsavory associations. With its vibrant culture, sense of humor and adaptability, Nigeria has become the “Giant of Africa” in more ways than just population size.

In honor of Nigeria’s Independence Day on October 1, here are 10 of the many reasons why the destination one in five Africans call home stands out from the rest. You may be inspired to add Nigeria to your travel list:. In Nigeria, if you’ve reached your 30th birthday and are still unhitched, the elders will harass you down the aisle, which is why barely a week goes by without someone staging a traditional wedding ceremony somewhere.

Weddings are a sacred part of cultural life, but also an excuse to show off cuisine, fabulous clothing, music and dance moves in one life-affirming, chromatic bonanza.

‘Are You Real?’ — Inside an Online Dating Scam

From the topic Life. London’s Met Police have issued a warning after the victim was talked into giving a gang a series of loans after she thought she was talking to a “successful engineer” online. Ife Ojo, 31, and Olusegun Agbaje, 43, were caught by the Met’s cybercrime and fraud team, called Falcon. The woman, in her 40s and from Hillingdon, met a man calling himself Christian Anderson on a dating site last February. After a few weeks, they met in person and he told her that he was an engineer working in the oil industry, that he was divorced and had a daughter, and that his father and sister had died of cancer.

Lester Holmes.” She said they began talking and a “romance happened really fast.” According to an FBI affidavit, Lindsey made four wire transfers.

Be sure everything is as it seems. They use any means to contact victims—telephone, snail mail, email, and the Internet. They gain your trust and when they have you hooked, they ask you for money; then they take it and run. The scenarios they use to lure you in change, constantly. But you can protect yourself and your friends and family by arming yourself with knowledge of the most common types of fraud. Victim is asked to pay upfront fees for financial services which are never provided.

Victims often send a succession of transactions for payment of various upfront fees. Common methods could include: credit card, grants, loans, inheritance, or investment. Video: Advanced Fee.

Romance Scams ~ The Faces Behind The Masquerade