5 tips to create a B2B matchmaking platform

We organise business matchmaking event to introduce our clients to qualified distributors. We also search, assess and facilitate meetings between our clients and their potential local distributors. Finding a new business partner in South East Asia never be an easy task. Choosing the right partner to grow your business is a critical first step to defining your success. We build potential partner database based on search criteria set by a client. We gather data mainly from government sources such as registered companies from the Ministry of Commerce database or an importer list from Customs Department. We also conduct desk research to shortlist companies that meet search criteria. With an exhaustive list of potential partner database, you can be assured that we include all potential partners who are qualified to proceed for the next step of partner search assessment.

03. Matchmaking Model

MatchLeads is a mobile and cloud based application for business to business match making events. With MatchLeads, you can generate leads that are more focused and more meaningful for your business. MatchLeads allows Event Producers to easily and efficiently manage their match making event. If you are hosting an event where there are Prime Contractors and Small Businesses, you can match these businesses with pre-arranged meetings using MatchLeads.

Small Businesses can showcase their products and services to the Prime Contractors based on their procurement needs.

Increase interactions at your event with the most advanced B2B matchmaking platform. An efficient Define your networking rules and automate everything.

Create an online B2B matchmaking platform, and you will be able to solve some of the most complicated yet common problems of all businesses — lead generation, networking, and authority establishment. A B2B matchmaking platform is one of the best ways to build an effective networking funnel and connect more businesses. However, before you jump straight into B2B matchmaking software development, consider these tips to make sure you create a B2B matchmaking platform that provides value.

There are several B2B matchmaking business models or niches you can focus on. Some of the most popular directions include:. A B2B matchmaking platform is a broad term, so you have to figure out your definition before you start the development. There are a lot of things to look into concerning planning, development, and marketing of the platform as the content and functionality will vary.

You may not necessarily focus on a single solution only and instead proceed with a hybrid one.

Parksharing, the B2B sharing marketplace for local collaboration and matchmaking on business parks

We need to have Registrations and Products uploading for Rental Equipment service providers. See more: powerlinx reviews , business matching services , cleveland b2b matchmaker , ohio business matchmaker , business matching platform , business matching website , business matching definition , yoni cohen powerlinx , We need a simple and nice business card design.

We export agricultural products beans, pulses, fertilizers

Software platform that enables you to create an online B2B Marketplace to augment the event lifecycle and its footprint so that attendees and exhibitors can​.

What is business matchmaking and how does it work? Matchmaking is generally used in the context of the dating world, namely to describe how two searching individuals find the perfect partner. The perfect match! Business matchmaking is no different from that. The same approach is just used to find the perfect ‘business’ partner. So, let’s clarify what exactly that means. First of all, let us clarify the terminology.


Parksharing is the online sharing marketplace for local collaboration, sharing and sustainable businesses. The importance of local collaboration, sharing and matching supply and demand between companies is increasing. From catering to healthcare, working together at local level pays off. Parksharing enables entrepreneurs, companies and organizations to take concrete steps towards local cooperation and sustainable entrepreneurship. The platform gives visibility to companies and organisations available locally and to what they can benefit from each other.

After all, why look for a distant friend when you have a good neighbour?

European SMEs join partnering events, matchmaking events, and business missions in Business ‘matchmaking‘ events (also known as ‘B2B meetings’ – Business to. Business Enabling Public Disclosure (EPD): a legal term meaning that.

Conference participants will learn from a stellar lineup of speakers, be able to share their own experiences, and will have the opportunity to network with speakers and participants during individual presentations, panel discussions, the unconference session, B2B matchmaking, and many informal social settings. Danube IT is an ideal venue for anyone interested in information technologies , high-tech startups , innovation , and entrepreneurship : founders and potential founders of high tech startups, managers and employees of established IT companies, as well as engineering and business students.

Use this opportunity! Brent Townshend , Inventor, Entrepreneur, Photographer. During the unconference session, participants will have an opportunity to both define and discuss topics related to high-tech entrepreneurship in Serbia. What is Unconference? How to Prepare to Attend Unconference. In this panel session founders of several successful high-tech companies from Serbia will discuss their experiences in creating successful businesses.

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People who visit B2B events want to network with each other and learn new things. The best way to do this is by linking the matchmaking platform and the event programme. At the same time, the experts at the Fraunhofer Institute list networking among the most important success factors for business events — in such a way that even quiet or introverted participants can make new contacts and network at the event.

This clearly demonstrates how closely knowledge transfer and networking are interlinked when it comes to the success of an event.

So business matching software, also known as B2B matchmaking, is an profile on the networking application and with clearly-defined areas of interest.

Everything you need to know about qualifying can be summarized with two questions: Can I help them? And can they help me? This is what we call selfless and selfish qualification. The remaining five categories—needs, decision making, budget, competition, and closing the deal—cover the questions you should ask prospects. It may be tempting to try to target every industry imaginable but there will be certain industries that will need and value your product more than others.

It can also determine which businesses need your solution the most. For instance, one business owner had a point of sales system for chefs who ran their own business but was having trouble selling it. However, behavioral data helped him realize that the best prospects were chefs who had recently opened up a restaurant. The needs of a small, early-stage startup will be different from those of an older, more established enterprise company.

If your solution is for certain departments marketing, accounting, HR, etc.

42 B2B qualifying questions to ask sales prospects

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-Business Matchmaking – defined agenda with meetings with representatives ​as business turnaround, international matchmaking, B2B event organisation.

Participative event formats and meeting design are hot topics. Even B2B events can no longer do without a fair amount of interactive elements. What effects does this trends have on business networking? For some time, more and more event managers have been concerning themselves with the topic of meeting design. There is still however no clear description of what meeting design actually means. In any case, it means to design meetings, conferences and events in such a way that they reach clearly defined goals and to be designed toward the requirements of the target group s.

It tries to research the influences of technology on event design. The interaction of participants is of primary focus. It can also be a combination of short impulses with table sessions in small break-out-groups. Using targeted, software-supported matchmaking, events of this type can be prepared efficiently as it allows contacts and combinations that make sense for both parties to be found prior to the event. The events are broadcasted and thereby communication is achieved by doing so.

This solution obviously leads to savings on travel and accommodation costs. Facilitator Roy Sheppard describes the specific challenges to moderate such an event in this video:. This is easy to solve at each of the individual locations, however event organizers of a spatially distributed congress would need to think of a good concept to enable overall networking between locations.

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